Remove _id in sink




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    Geir Ove Grønmo

    Do you have a specific sink in mind? This behaviour varies from sink to sink.

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  • Marius Dammen

    Json and rest are typical sinks that would benefit here. We see that some url/http based services run validation on the json payload they receive, and the "_id" field typically makes it non-valid.

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  • Geir Ove Grønmo

    The "json" sink is a sink that implements Sesam's JSON Push Protocol[1]. It follows strict rules for the payload. The "http_endpoint" receiver is symmetrical to the sink and it support entities without an "_id" property, but in this case you can add DTL to add it for you before the entity reaches the sink. We don't think there is a limitation in the "json" or "rest" sink that require you to send the "_id" as part of the payload. If you think otherwise, then please create a support ticket.


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