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    Geir Ove Grønmo

    The idea is that the first thing to get data into Sesam, then get data into globals and then finally out of Sesam. These are designed to be three distinct steps. Read more about it here:

    There is also a feature called Flows in the Management Studio that you can use to look at how data flows into globals and out of globals. 

    It is not entirely clear what the use-case you're asking for is, so feel free to describe this a bit more. We have currently no plan for changing the scope of the graph view. 

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  • Geir Atle Hegsvold

    I will try to clarify what additions we would like in the Graph view. The purpose for these additions is to get a better understanding of the complete flows for more efficient debugging and for potential inclusion in project documentation.

    There are three main features we would like to focus on for now:

    1. Show a complete flow from sources(s) to target(s) based on metadata tags filter

    2. Further refine the view by expanding/collapsing relevant nodes

    3. Show a hint on non-selected nodes if they contain hops

    See attached image for more details.

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