Improve circuit breaker error msg




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    Geir Ove Grønmo

    The "Pipe is not ready: " part of the message is just to indicate that the pipe wasn't able to run. I guess using "The pipe cannot run now:" might be better?

    It is possible to see the pipe queue size in the pipe API and it will grow over time. We could probably add the queue size at the time to the pump-failed event. That is possible, but do you actually need to know the queue size at the time – or is it enough to see the current pipe queue size?

    In the example you've posted there are 100 uncommited entities and the circuit breaker limit is 100. If you commit then those 100 entities are committed and they become visible. If rolled back then they are physically deleted from the dataset.

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  • Maximilien Sauban

    The "pipe not ready" comment also through me off a little. I read it as the pipe is not ready so the circuit breaker is tripped.

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