Extra Protection of (production) nodes




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    Geir Ove Grønmo

    We have discussed using a different colour scheme for different subscriptions, but we never landed anything. It is a good idea though. For now there is only the subscription name and the subscription icon – which does have its own colour. 

    Regarding confirmation pop-ups; are there any specific ones you'd like to see beyond the saving of pipe/system configurations?

    We did implement support for a configuration upload circuit breaker, so you can enable that in production. Read about it here: https://docs.sesam.io/hub/changelog.html?highlight=circuit%20breaker#changelog-2020-11-20

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  • Morten Frellumstad

    Confirmation pop-ups on the saving of pipe/system configurations is the most important. But on some existing pop-ups a stricter confirmation-process when in a prod-system would be good, and link to information about potential risks and how to best handle .

    A stricter confirmation-process E.g.  require pipe to be disabled, require confirmation on last seen value, only admins can do delete of pipes or datasets etc.

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