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  • Special role with read-only access to the metrics-API


    We would like to get a "special" role/user that is only able to read from the metrics-api (or the node as well if its needed). With this role we do not have to give out full Admin-rights for system...

  • Fix subset so previous entity versions are skipped


    The subset implemented for source dataset now includes all the entities from the subset, both latest and previous. This results in unwanted updates that will propagate to all receivers and can caus...

  • Documentation on pump-completed metrics


    Pump-completed has a set of metrics, but its lacking from the documentation. Please add the specifics of the metrics in the docs for clarification. Please also go through the other properties to up...

  • rainbow colored brackets

    Not planned

    To be able to easier see matching brackets in the config it will be useful to have rainbow coloring of the brackets.

  • Comments inside dtl structure

    Not planned

    It will be very useful to be able to add comments inside a dtl-block. The nesting can get very deep/complex, and being able to place comments to explain the flow near the relevant code will clarify...

  • Provisioning status for microservices


    We need to see if the MS has finished provisioning. This is not currently possible

  • Scaling of endpoint-pipes with huge datasets


    Sometimes we need to send large amounts of entities (100000++), which take a long time, sometimes days, to send through a single endpoint.  A solution to reduce the time to complete would be to inc...

  • Add user to the JWT token metadata


    It is not possible to see the creator of tokens, only the description of the token and the access-group it belongs to. Adding the username of the creator to the metadata will make maintenance of th...

  • Add description to the IP-filtering table


    The IP-filtering table do not have a description of the different IP-addresses. This makes it hard to know the reason for the IP-filters, and thus require manual check of the IP to validate the lis...

  • Implement support for chain-of-trust for SSL connections


    We need to get support for setting up chain-of-trust so that we are able to verify SSL connections in URL and REST systems. This is needed for the Intility-migration which is going to happen 23.01.22.